Welcome to EMR

Information Services Targeted at Discovering New Opportunities in the Agrochemical Industry

Enigma Marketing Research (EMR), founded in 1988, specialises in providing data designed to identify new business opportunities in the worldwide agrochemical sector. EMR’s key products are:

EMR also offers consultancy services covering a wide variety of topics to a global client base.


If you have any questions about?any of the EMR products listed above, please email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

“I have been using Agribase for more than 10 years. It is a unique tool combining professionally estimated synthesis routes with commercial product information. The regular updates make it an important tool for my daily work. Lonza has been using Enigma’s other services / reports occasionally which are based on a long lasting and profound industry experience”

Dr. Michael Helwig, Head Global Product Development, Agro Ingredients, Lonza AG, Switzerland

“AgSPC.db is a new, user-friendly and comprehensive database covering European SPCs. Not only is it essential for determining expiry dates of patents and SPCs but also an excellent competitive intelligence tool.”

Klaus Daeschne, Natasza Kaczybura, BASF

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